Fazerdaze - photo by Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Fazerdaze – photo by Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Back to NZ now and “Tired of Waiting” by Auckland-based Fazerdaze – which is just Amelia Murray & a DIY spirit.

There’s a bit of everything I love about “Tired of Waiting”. Its classic melodic appeal and tired resignation echoes early Jesus & Mary Chain, but with fuzz & reverb tamed and subtle musical touches (like that outro) added, to frame a song of unfussy perfection. Who needs a recording studio and big production values when you can DIY like this and triumph over limited circumstances with a guitar & voice & song?

The other track you can stream on Soundcloud is quite different but just as perfect in its pop appeal.

I’m interested to hear where Fazerdaze heads and mention of an EP this month has my attention. Anyone who can make something so good from such understated ingredients like this is worth keeping an ear out for*.

You can catch Fazerdaze on tour in October with Clap Clap Riot and Buzz Moller (Voom). For Dunedin residents they play at Chicks Hotel on 25 October.

Postscript: The whole EP is now available to download on Bandcamp here: