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Fazerdaze EP and LP 2017

Top left – the orginal hand-made CD-R EP (2014), lower left – the full CD ‘re-issue’ of the EP (2015), along with the “Morningside” LP (2017).

Day 12 of the 31 Days of May New Zealand Music Month madness is a track from the just-released debut album “Morningside” by Fazerdaze. Here’s “Friends”

“Friends” takes the Fazerdaze template of brilliantly simple ingredients: layering guitar melody over a bass-line, and adding introspective lyrics. What happens next is uncharacteristic but exhilarating; engaging hyper-drive with a sonic chorus blast of fuzz guitar and soaring melody.

That kind of 1, 2 punch from quiet to euphoric loud with lashings of melody is something late 1980s/ early 1990s Flying Nun Records label-mates The JPS Experience used to excel at too. In fact “Friends” would fit comfortably among the songs on their final album “Bleeding Star”.

PopLib tends to champion the underdog and you’d have to be hiding under a rock to not have heard a Fazerdaze song or seen an online article or review about the Auckland musician’s debut and current UK tour, such is the interest in the debut album. So this post is less about discovery of an under-appreciated musician as celebrating the achievement of someone championed here for the past 3 years.

PopLib first featured Fazerdaze back in 2014 when the first EP had it’s initial hand-made CD-R format release. It was clear right from the start that Amelia Murray’s low-key and personal music made a connection with listeners. By staying grounded, trusting her instincts to keep things understated, and focus on self-recording her perfect introspective guitar-pop, she’s created a wonderful first album that retains the essence of that first EP.

Fazerdaze EP and LP 2017

Top left – the orginal hand-made CD-R EP (2014), lower left – the full CD ‘re-issue’ of the EP (2015), along with the “Morningside” LP (2017).

Fazerdaze 2016Day 26 of NZ Music Month is Fazerdaze and “Little Uneasy”

“Little Uneasy” has been featured on PopLib before but NZ Music Month is the perfect excuse give it another airing, in case you missed it last time.

Plus there’s a new video just released for the song and an interview with Fazerdaze principal Amelia Murray on The 405 music website. Also included under that interview is news of a UK tour in June, supporting Big Deal.

PopLib has been championing Fazerdaze since even before the very first release of that debut EP so it’s wonderful to see Amelia/ Fazerdaze being recognised with this opportunity.

The video for “Little Uneasy” is a simple idea – a single tracking shot video – executed well. As with the music of Fazerdaze, the video for this song is a reminder that sometimes the best ideas are the understated ones that draw you in, create an emotional connection, and work subconsciously to get you thinking about what it (and life) all means.

Fazerdaze 2015 Fazerdaze (Auckland musician Amelia Murray, now with a band) provided one of last year’s highlights with that perfect eponymous “Fazerdaze EP” channeling perfect guitar pop combining a kind of sun-bleached pop with post-adolescence weariness and upbeat downbeat melancholy reflection.

Now there’s a new song – “Little Uneasy” – ahead of a promised debut album sometime.

“Little Uneasy” with the line “I’m still feeling my way” evokes that same restless, uncertain, unsettled transitional time where possibilities and limitations fight for ascendancy.

It beefs up the sound without losing the intimacy and space and dynamics of that first EP.  The instrumental passages here where the guitar picks out the melody remind me of “Before Hollywood” era Go-Betweens. Now there’s another band who could evoke an overwhelming feeling of time and place with some understated crafted guitar pop.


Fazerdaze - photo by Si Moore

Fazerdaze – photo by Si Moore

Day 8 of the May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month is “Somethink”, the quietly reflective closing track from PopLib’s favourite find of 2014 – a 6 track EP by Auckland’s Fazerdaze.

“Somethink” shares the same perfect, unfussy pop simplicity of the rest of the EP. There’s magic in the way the guitar parts and voices gradually layer up to create something special here.

As you can see by the Fazerdaze bandcamp page a lot of people around the world have discovered this EP, taking Fazerdaze creater Amelia Murray a bit by surprise. The CDRs she stamped and assembled herself in handmade sleeves sold out within a few months but you can still download the EP.

UPDATE: “Fazerdaze EP” now has a CD issue/ re-issue. Looks fabulous… and back on sale via Fazerdaze bandcamp.
Fazerdaze EP

Shunkan cassette, The Stevens LP, Bushwalking LP, Trick Mammoth WIAIWYA 7777777 singles club 2014 7" picture disc single.

Shunkan cassette, The Stevens LP, Bushwalking LP, Trick Mammoth WIAIWYA 7777777 singles club 2014 7″ picture disc single.

These were my favourite 10 songs featured this year here on Pop Lib. Rather than wax lyrical about each of these songs in the time-honoured traditions of such lists, I’ve just bunged up a player so you can give them a listen and make your own mind up.

If you like a song & want more info, click through to the linked Pop lib blog post. If you like a song A LOT, go and buy it. You deserve to treat yourself to a new music discovery or three for Christmas.

1. Fazerdaze – Zero (self-released CD EP)

Posted on Pop Lib on 27 September 2014

2. Bushwalking – No Men (Chapter Music – from “No Enter” LP)

Posted on Pop Lib 8 June 2014

3. Fazed On A Pony – Alone (self-released)

Posted on Pop Lib 25 October 2014.

4. Shunkan – Dust From Your Eyes (Art Is Hard – from “Honey, Milk & Blood” cassette EP)

Posted on Pop Lib 4 May 2014.

5. Fair Maiden – Lady of Fortune (Bedroom Suck – from “Fair Maiden” LP)

Posted on Pop Lib 3 June 2014.

6. Trick Mammoth – Doll (WIAIWYA 7″ singles club)

Posted on Pop Lib 31 May 2014

7. The Stevens – Turpin’s Fall (Chapter Music – from “The History of Hygiene” LP)

Posted on Pop Lib 1 June 2014.

8. Lucy Hunter – A Bottled Brain (The Attic singles club)

Posted on Pop Lib 25 October 2014.

9. The Canals – Desperado (The Attic singles club)

Posted on Pop Lib on 2 December 2014.

10. Peter Escott – My Heaven, My Rules (Bedroom Suck – from “The Long O” LP)

Posted on Pop Lib 26 September 2014

Fazerdaze - photo by Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Fazerdaze – photo by Levi Brinsdon-Hall

Back to NZ now and “Tired of Waiting” by Auckland-based Fazerdaze – which is just Amelia Murray & a DIY spirit.

There’s a bit of everything I love about “Tired of Waiting”. Its classic melodic appeal and tired resignation echoes early Jesus & Mary Chain, but with fuzz & reverb tamed and subtle musical touches (like that outro) added, to frame a song of unfussy perfection. Who needs a recording studio and big production values when you can DIY like this and triumph over limited circumstances with a guitar & voice & song?

The other track you can stream on Soundcloud is quite different but just as perfect in its pop appeal.

I’m interested to hear where Fazerdaze heads and mention of an EP this month has my attention. Anyone who can make something so good from such understated ingredients like this is worth keeping an ear out for*.

You can catch Fazerdaze on tour in October with Clap Clap Riot and Buzz Moller (Voom). For Dunedin residents they play at Chicks Hotel on 25 October.

Postscript: The whole EP is now available to download on Bandcamp here: