Martyr Privates Look I know this blog sometimes looks like a tribute to Aussie underground label Bedroom Suck Records, but they just keep releasing decent music you need to know exists. Case in point is Martyr Privates and their self-titled album. There’s a purposeful repetition and heavy drone-fuzz element here that carries an echo of some of that classic 80s Aussie scuzz-rock from the likes of The Scientists, while at the same time stirring memories of hypnotic UK noise bands like Spaceman 3 or Loop. The album drips with a surly kind of disdainful attitude and single-minded devotion to making simple repetitive melodic fearsome noise… Martyr Privates are main songwriter Cameron Hawes (vocal, guitar) along with Ashleigh Shipton (bass) and Sam Dixon (drums). And, just because it has some cool weird DIY animation, here’s a video for ‘You Can’t Stop Progress’ to enjoy as well: