Peter Escott_BSR
Bedroom Suck Records is fast becoming my favourite Aussie label. Their catalogue of generally pretty weird stuff (to any mainstream indie types anyway) is accessible and enjoyable and, most important – it’s life-affirming great. After being serenaded by the slightly creepy wholesome-but-not-quite-right folk & 60’s pop of Adelaide’s Fair Maiden yesterday I’m really enjoying this weirdly wonderful solo album “The Long O” by Taswegian Peter Escott (also half of the ‘electronic pub-rock’ duo Native Cats). This song & video is a good start.

Peter Escott – My Heaven, My Rules from BSR on Vimeo.

“The Long O” channels a bit of Peter Jefferies and Randy Newman. Perhaps. Some darkness, some wry humour, and some telling observations on being human. Many of the songs have a show-tune quality, like they could be on the soundtrack to a kids’ film – the kind of kids’ film you’d never ever let your kids watch.

As well as piano songs like “My Heaven, My Rules” the album has a lot of nice wobbly cheap synth/ keyboard tunes, a bit of lo-fi home-baked electronica, and poetic lyrics sung with endearing character. It’s all very minimal, vulnerable & honest and “The Long O” is unusually good. Worth getting the vinyl…