Not From Space (photo by Chris James-Motion)

Not From Space (photo by Chris James-Motion)

Day 26 of song-a-day-May madness for NZ Music Month is a fidgety adrenaline rush of ‘Lenses’ from Dunedin’s Not From Space.

Not From Space have been attracting interest for the past year in Dunedin for their angular post-punk guitar noise pop. Their brand-new out-today single as part of The Attic singles club delivers on that potential – and some. Wonderful glassy guitar work here on ‘Lenses’ and also on the ‘B-Side’ Kills covers.

This is thrillingly chaotic in places, a ball of not-quite-completely-under-control energy, particularly the drumming which makes some miraculous recoveries from the brink towards the end of ‘Lenses’ – the kind of thing which you just can’t rehearse for. Or repeat. Electrifyingly great stuff.

Get it while it’s release-day-hot.