Misfit Mod (video still from 'Cars' video by Ed Lust)

Misfit Mod (video still from ‘Cars’ video by Ed Lust)

Day 27 of the song-a-day-May NZ Music Month madness is a quiet & reflective slice of almost-emptiness called ‘Tribes’ from Misfit Mod.

Misfit Mod provided one of my favourite singles of 2013 with ‘Sugar C’ and I don’t think anyone does languid desolation quite as well as sometimes Christchurch musician Sarah Kelleher under the name Misfit Mod.

Yesterday was a heavy day and a realisation that sometimes just shutting up and listening is the best & most helpful thing you can do when friends are angry, fearful & hurting.

So, when I looked at what to feature for the next post, I found myself back here last night with Misfit Mod’s 2013 album ‘Islands & Islands’ and this song ‘Tribes’. Just sitting quietly listening intently to the distance and space and simplicity in this was just what was needed at that time.

If ‘Tribes’ is just a bit too minimal and beautifully exhausted for you, skip onto the next song ‘Valleys’ for something more traditional in minimalist electronic pop. Better still just download the whole album here and put it on repeat for the rest of the day/ week/ month/ eternity…