Parsnip 2020

Continuing with our theme of celebrating Melbourne musicians in lockdown who could probably do with a bit of Bandcamp download appreciation is pop-tastic Parsnip.  Parsnip released a 4 song 7″ EP called “Adding Up” in May and it’s a keeper. Here’s the scrumptious “Treacle Toffee World”:

“Treacle Toffee World” is a delightful contemporary re-imagining of the kind of whimsical psychedelia usually associated with Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, with a bit of The Creation‘s fuzzy guitar style thrown in for good measure. [post-script: it’s a cover of the b-side to UK psychedelic band Fire‘s first 1968 single… pays to read those Bandcamp release notes very carefully rather than skim-reading them as PopLib is prone to do.]e. 

Each of the songs on the EP takes a different approach to quirky rejuvenation of 1960s psychedelic garage pop, mixed with a bit of 80’s New Wave edge, all made from simple ingredients – guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and voices – and assembled with winning melodies and a bucket-load of off-kilter charm.