Stef Animal (2)Our day 23 song for New Zealand Music Month 2020 is “Lost in the Woods” from Dunedin digital sound & vision explorer Stef Animal.

The track opens a recent album “The Spooky House” which is billed as “the creepy soundtrack to “The Spooky House” – a modern videogame for your home computer system. Twenty-five minutes of hair-raising music to enhance your “Spooky House” experience.”

As with Stef Animal’s adventurous “Top Gear” album, “The Spooky House” soundtrack is really a far more accomplished musical and artistic work than ‘just’ a ‘chiptune’ or vaporware video game soundtrack. The pieces are created with intricate sonic and musical arrangement detail and are full of adventure, wonder, fun, human emotion and a sense of deep melancholic weight at times among the ‘spooky’ themes. Video game soundtrack purpose aside, what Stef Animal has created here for “The Spooky House” is once again conceptual digital sound art of the highest order.

NZMM 2020