NoaOur day 21 song for New Zealand Music Month 2020 comes from an intriguing isolation lockdown collaboration called “Keep Your Distance!” by the Virtual Shadow Ensemble on Noa Records. Here’s “Truth is in the Shadow of a Doubt” –

It’s a brief spoken word reflection on the (human) world put on temporary pause while nature carries on around us, featuring Aije and Janina Nana Yaa. Musically, it’s an appropriately blissful spaced-out psychedelic Jazz + Pacific Cosmic Music brew.

“Made within the span of ten days during a national lockdown in Aotearoa amidst a global pandemic, this virtual recording project reflects a widespread upheaval taking place in our collective consciousness, being forced away from each other physically into social isolation – a situation that seems to have turned the tides (for many at least) on a social climate of isolation that already exists in todays society. Cyber-architecture via social media has provided space for creativity to flourish during a time when our presence is felt stronger online in the absence of face-to-face interaction with our peers. Despite physical distance we are still connected, still creating together.”

NZMM 2020