Ersatz Savant 2020

PopLib’s Day 14 song for New Zealand Music Month 2020 comes from Timaru’s remarkable DIY Glam/Goth/Post-Punk/Folk band Ersatz Savant, returning with a  recent new song “Mademoiselle” to follow an excellent album last year called “II”.

As we noted when we featured a track from “II”, Ersatz Savant is much classier than the self-deprecating name (signifying an inferior substitute for a learned person) may suggest.

Ersatz Savant provides a convincing decadent corruption of Bowie’s “Hunky Dory” era proto-Glam style, vocals this time walking a line between Bowie’s early 70s hammy campness and Brett Anderson in Suede. It’s another great song and on “Mademoiselle” it’s the stellar (twin) guitar solo which captures attention and sets this apart – like Timaru – from the rest of NZ.

NZMM 2020