foxy-moronsLooks like PopLib will be taken over by Tasmanian underground music for a bit longer. There’s another excellent compilation of Hobart bands just released and here’s the first track, “Under the Sea” from from Foxy Morons –

“Under the Sea” dives in with a bold Velvets strum. It’s part metaphorical fantasy – “living life under the sea” – and part put-down – “my boyfriend is a tortoise/ he lives for 100 years and he doesn’t do nothing.” Not entirely sure if it makes sense, but I do like the underwater pop vibrations and the lush choral backing vocals and pretty much everything about the song.

The compilation this song opens is called “7000 – The Pick of Hobart Independent bands” and it’s available in LP, CD and digital download formats.

There’s a bit of overlap between the bands on each of these two new compilations. This seems like a good time to point you to Foxy Morons’ equally splendid contribution to “Community 4 – a Compilation of Hobart Music”, called “Ex” for reasons that the song will explain:

Each of these Hobart compilations covers a wide range from snotty lo-fi punk to post-punk electronica, through to woozy psychedelia.

I’ll be posting more songs from both compilations and adding a few more ‘favourite bands’ to the list for further follow-up. Click on the highlighted link here to read an article about Hobart’s underground music scene.