Trampoline TeamTrampoline Team are from New Orleans. They do not play jazz. They do not play funk. They are a punk band. That’s P.U.N.K. spelled R.A.M.O.N.E.S.  Here’s “I’ll Destroy You” to introduce you:

The album is great. Eight out of 12 songs on their album “Make It Faster” are under two minutes. They condense a lot into those sub-two-minute blitzkriegs.  I love the titles here too: “I Don’t like You”, “I’ll Destroy You”, “I Don’t Wanna” etc. etc. You get the idea.

OK, so ramalama punk is pretty much a thoroughly worked out genre by now and you may think  it’s hard to add much to what’s been before. But Team Trampoline do an excellent job of helping you forget what you know and just enjoying the moment with their electric shock rock.

Trampoline Team are Michael Hohan (guitar and backing vocals), Sam DeLucia (bass, vocals) and Shelby Grosz (drums). They sound as electrifying as this when they play live as well. Here’s a live performance video too from Amped & Wired (via Mississippi Public Broadcasting):