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Let’s head out of Dunedin (everyone eventually does…) and check the underworld of Auckland’s western suburbs for signs of underground pop.

Young Hellions (black magic descendants of Bengal Lights and Cat Venom) is/are the best thing to come out of Auckland since [insert name of favourite underground Auckland band here].

‘Page Seventeen’ here has all the dark energy of a doomgaze band (if that’s not already a thing, I’m inventing it right now) fronted by Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon.

You’ll find Young Hellions’ splendid self-titled debut EP previewed and a link to purchase here. It’s on Muzai Records – long-time champion of the Auckland underground (and Dunedin – they are the label the mighty Astro Children are on).

Hopefully we will see Young Hellions play in Dunedin this year. Lucky Auckland subterraneans have their chance at the Last Exit to Muzai celebration on 17 May at Wine Cellar. Tickets are only $10 and available here.

Young Hellions

Two posts in a day… I know. Last one was something from a young woman from 50 years ago. Now from a young woman from the present day. Both joined together by… (thinks real hard for some thematic link)…. shoegaze! Corki Ray’s phased recording on “Whirlwind” from 1964 was proto-shoegaze in my book; the seeds of that miasmatic sound-swirl of the 1990s.

Young Hellions, from the suburban ennui sprawl of Auckland’s inner West, is Maeve Munro, once of the terrific neo-punk two-piece Bengal Lights from about 2008 and then, more recently, the minimalist synth pop of Cat Venom.

Young Hellions is a whole new level of DIY homespun musical witchcraft; placing the entrails of shoegaze, goth, post-punk and sumptuous dark pop into a large reverberating cauldron & giving it a stir & creating a potion to entrance anyone who listens.

So here is the glorious (and it IS) “Sympathetic Magic” from a new digital EP on Muzai Records. While “Sympathetic Magic” is the single why not soak up the whole 4 song EP here:

Then whistle over to Muzai Records & buy youself the EP. Actually you’ll have to whistle over to Flying Out Records as it is exclusively available from their website.