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Salad BoysChristchurch guitar trio Salad Boys released their second album “This Is Glue” in January. Here’s “Under The Bed” from it:

Salad Boys is led by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Joe Sampson, once of noisey Christchurch trio T54. Salad Boys is the more reflective side of Sampson’s considerable guitar-playing and songwriting talent, though the album still packs plenty of over-driven riff-rock (check the opening “Blown” Up” and then “Psych Slasher” for high-octane thrills).

Anyone raised on a steady diet of chips, beer and guitar bands over recent decades will recognise the compass points locating their sound. Much has been made of their local influences from that cold damp city 5 hours drive south of their quake-munted Christchurch home. But as much as you can maybe hear a bit of The Clean/ Great Unwashed in the strum and jangle I’d be inclined to pick another Dunedin band Bored Games as a better local touchstone when the amps are cranked here.

But even that is still a red herring I reckon. The varied guitar styles and noisy pop hooks comprising much of “This Is Glue” is actually much more in the style of North American bad boys like The Replacements and their ilk. As a result they sound more like they belong among the current crop of fine Australian guitar bands (The Stevens, Twerps, Woollen Kits et al.) who also seem to have assimilated that same perfect odd-combo of ’80s kiwi drone jangle and more polished North American guitar pop.

Either way, this is a cracking album with a fine balance between visceral riff rock and delicate reflective folk pop (refer “Going Down Slow” towards the end of the album). Recommended to track down in its vinyl LP format too.



T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

Day 13 of the NZ Music Month daily NZ music madness is from Christchurch noise-pop trio T54.

‘Life is Swell’ is from their belated debut album ‘In Brush Park’ which took an eternity to be released on Flying Nun (a familiar enough complaint for bands back in the label’s first era).

T54 – named after a tank – do that quiet/ loud thing very well indeed. Sweet melodies, washed out reverb vocals all wrapped in fuzzy guitars with occasional explosive bursts of saturated distortion and pure thrilling skronk. Very good indeed. You can get it here – the sweet LP version comes recommended.

The album was recorded in Dunedin (inside the cavernous Sammys Entertainment venue hall) by Tom Bell ( The Shifting Sands, David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights ).

Salad Boys at Camp a Low Hum 2013

Salad Boys at Camp a Low Hum 2013

Here’s my New Zealand Music month Bandcamp purchase for 4 May. It’s the Salad Boys, a three-piece from Christchurch who sound like they would rather come from Dunedin. This mini-album channels so much of David Kilgour (The Clean and his solo albums) that, unsurprisingly, they recently backed him in Wellington, playing his songs and some Clean songs. Check out ‘Dream Date’ and ‘Here’s no Use’ in particular.

Joe Sampson is better known as guitarist/ vocalsist in lost in action Flying Nun Records signings T54. He also plays in Dance Asthmatics and assembled a compilation of Christchurch guitar-rock called ‘Sickest Smashes from Arson City’ recently.

The Salad Boys play in Dunedin tonight (Saturday 4 May 2013) (at Queens) as part of the ‘Sickest Smashes from Arson City’ tour.