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Space Bats Attack Live to Air 2017.jpgA month ago Dunedin post-apocalyptic space-surf-rock guitar band Space Bats, Attack! dropped into their local University radio station Radio 1 and recorded a mesmerising set of new heavy riffing guitars/bass/drums instrumentals. They did such a fantastic job they put the live set up on their Bandcamp. Here’s the first pulverising track for your sonic exploration:

As Radio 1 video these live-to-air performances now you can also watch while you listen. Of particular significance is the fire extinguisher next to the bass drum, presumably placed there in case of spontaneous drummer combustion.

These are fantastic performances – musically complex, brutally propulsive yet lithe, full of dynamics with sonic twists and turns as effect pedals are manipulated like instruments. The video of the whole thing is a pretty compelling watch too:

Space Bats, Attack! are also a discovery point for a swathe of other noisy Dunedin guitar bands. As well as guitarist Lee Nicholson (Thundercub, and Lighting Wave effect pedal guru) you have guitarist Richard Ley-Hamilton (formerly of Males, now Asta Rangu), and the Nicholls brothers – Josh (drums) and Zac (bass). Zac is also a brilliant guitarist and along with Josh was in A Distant City, then The Violet-Ohs before forming their current band Koizilla.

Space Bats Attack_MirrorDay 25 of NZ Music Month is “The Riff” – a live recording from Dunedin’s masters of crafted outer-space noise-rock Space Bats, Attack!

They say this was recorded live at a show in Dunedin late last year and at about 2:30 am. Remarkably, all present are awake and flying as one. The way this instrumental ebbs and flows and then bursts into a breath-taking and frenetic race-to-the-end with some remarkable drumming is something else.

Here’s hoping Space Bats, Attack! have another recording mission lined up this year.

Mermaidens by Ezra Simons

Mermaidens – photo by Ezra Simons

Mermaidens’ new single “Under the Mountain II” is a prelude to their debut album, due out 15 March.

This Wellington “dark witch rock” trio – Gussy – guitar/ vocals, Lily – guitar/vocals and Abe – Drums – has created their own distinctively dark and watery sound-world over the past few years.

Like the sea, there’s the hypnotic repetition and ebb and flow of waves and tides of sound, and, lurking just below the surface, those dark weeds – or are they hands? – to drag you under and claim your soul.

The two reverb guitars have always been a reminder of surf music of sorts and fits the liquid realm the Mermaidens name evokes.

But the twisting guitar melodies and vocals seem equal parts 60’s psychedelia (thinking early Jefferson Airplane) and something more contemporary. PJ Harvey comes to mind in the vocals and lyrics but the guitars and  dark neo-folk/ devotional melodies woven in their music also bring to mind Ben Chasny’s Six Organs Of Admittance.

Keep your ears peeled for that debut next month.