Lttle phnx

Day 10 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month Bandcamp challenge comes from Auckland via the electro-pop of vowel-deficient Aucklander Lttle Phnx but, in this case, remixed by Suren Unka. I prefer this over the album the song is from mainly because of Suren Unka’s softer dream-pop edges and more liquid sounds. It’s a free download.

If you want the original Lttle Phnx you can head to the Crystal Magic label bandcamp page and get an album download or CD-R of the album (with free download).

The album is cool – it’s got that kind of cheesy 80’s digital synth thing happening and there’s a slow, cold, slightly dark undertow of melancholy and ennui which I like. I’m undecided on the album (as a purchase) but I did like this song from January enough to want to buy it – although I couldn’t because of a problem with the Lttle Phnx PayPal account. The intent was there at least.

What won me over with ‘I wud di3 4 u (vs†rvl 3†3rni†y)’ was not just the resigned soft minimalism of the song but also the all-you-need-to-know tag ‘bummersynth’.

[PostScript: Lttle Phnx has kindly made the song available as a free download… so go for it, but also check out that album please]