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Too Tone NZ Music Month

NZ Music Every Godzone Month! sign from Too Tone Records in Dunedin.

Our New Zealand Music Month day #26 song is another Psychedelic Sunday special, the laid-back, borderline-comatose narcoleptic swirl of “Out of It”:

Don’t know anything about Te Huhu but do know the album this is from – “Recychedelia” – was released last month and that it is a excellent collection of woozy slow-motion psychedelic guitar rock likely to appeal greatly to fans of Spaceman 3 and also The Kingsbury Manx. It’s a very good way to spend a relaxing Sunday during “New Zealand Music Month” anyway.

Hex wavesDay 20 of NZ Music Month is another Hex/ Witch themed release, this time from Christchurch doom-drone band The Hex Waves and their “Witch on a Motorcycle”

This one song – a demo recorded to a computer via one microphone they say – was released a few years ago and there’s been rumors ever since of a proper EP length release. If you are in Christchurch and going to the Better Living event at the Darkroom this Saturday night you can ask them about the whereabouts of these recordings.

“Witch on a Motorcycle” has an agreeable repetitive drone thing happening with psych-rock space-guitar, and reverb-washed vocals. There’s also an unexpected injection of twangy desert-noir guitar at times which propels it into a very cool Wooden Shjips and Spaceman 3 jamming with Calexico kind of space.