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wurldseries_2016_ben-woodsChristchurch guitar-botherers Wurld Series are back with a full-length album called “Air Goofy”, fittingly available on cassette. Here’s the second song “Rip KF” for you:

It’s ‘fittingly’ on cassette because it was recorded on cassette, via a Tascam 424 4-track cassette recorder, staple of a generation of bedroom DIY artists in previous decades, and it seems again today.

As we’ve heard from previous tunes and EPs and songs like “Orkly Kid” and “Rabbit” which are both included here, the spirit of early rough-genius Pavement is undeniably strong in Wurld Series at times – twisting fuzzed out guitars and stream of unconscious life lyrical flights.  But so is the spirit of the 3-Ds from closer to home, who arguably influenced Pavement with their eccentric lead guitar shapes and angles atop lurching fuzzed out guitar skronk-pop.

If “Rip KF” – complete with shared lead vocal between guitarist/ vocalist Luke Towart and guest vocalist Tyne Gordon – represents the more middle-of-a-rough-road-to-nowhere melodic guitar pop side of “Air Goofy” then there’s much variety on either side of that median. Check out the thrilling “LT’s Struggle” for an alternative example.

Another great addition to both the Wurld Series and the Melted Ice Cream label catalogues. Don’t just take PopLib’s word for it. UK music blog Did Not Chart has also been singing the praises of this rough diamond.



T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

Day 13 of the NZ Music Month daily NZ music madness is from Christchurch noise-pop trio T54.

‘Life is Swell’ is from their belated debut album ‘In Brush Park’ which took an eternity to be released on Flying Nun (a familiar enough complaint for bands back in the label’s first era).

T54 – named after a tank – do that quiet/ loud thing very well indeed. Sweet melodies, washed out reverb vocals all wrapped in fuzzy guitars with occasional explosive bursts of saturated distortion and pure thrilling skronk. Very good indeed. You can get it here – the sweet LP version comes recommended.

The album was recorded in Dunedin (inside the cavernous Sammys Entertainment venue hall) by Tom Bell ( The Shifting Sands, David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights ).