Dear Time's Waste, CPIT, Christchurch, November 2011

Dear Time’s Waste, CPIT, Christchurch, November 2011

Here’s my New Zealand Music month Bandcamp purchase for 5 May. It’s wet, cold & grey out-side on this Dunedin autumn Sunday and the music of Claire Duncan, in the guise of the ever-morphing Dear Time’s Waste, is always a perfect escape in the cold and damp. It was hard to find something to buy via the Dear Time’s Waste Bandcamp page as I already have everything. But this ‘SPELLS’ album out-take ‘Tethys’ had escaped my attention until now.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dear Time’s Waste since this Dunedin show in 2009 and buying the ‘Room to Rent’ EP afterwards. The opening song ‘Clandestine’ from the EP is one of my favourite songs still. Hearing the first two tribal drum beats here still causes a rush of excitement and anticipation.

The album ‘SPELLS’ from 2010 is perfect too. Lush, literate and ambitious, it captures the 4 piece band iteration of Dear Time’s Waste.

Last year’s ‘Some Kind of Eden’ is a stripped down, personal and, at times, claustrophobic album of dark beauty too.