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Thought Creature R1 LTA 2018

Thought Creature performing in the Radio One studio in Dunedin during their 2018 “Ocean Dream” album tour.

Day 6 of PopLib’s 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month madness marathon on psychedelic Sunday is “Talking in Tongues” from the new album “Ocean Dream” by Wellington via Berlin group Thought Creature.

Thought Creature have a distinctive sound and “Talking in Tongues” here shows the range of influences; combining dance music, some Cure-ish post-punk/ New Wave, the raw spirit of garage rock, and a liberal dusting of psychedelia effortlessly into a cartoonish fusion of danceable grooviness.

There’s a good interview with Thought Creature on Under the Radar NZ here.

Here’s Thought Creature’s recent live-to-air in Radio One’s studio in Dunedin – first track is “Talking in Tongues” and hang around for more psychedelic dance goodness after that (including the glorious “Paradise” to finish).

If you recognise the bassist here, it’s Danny Brady of Dunedin bands Death And The Maiden and Élan Vital. Thought Creature was the first band I saw Danny play in, on an A Low Hum tour show at Arc Cafe about 10 years ago. After Thought Creature moved to Berlin, Danny met a couple of other travelling NZ musicians – Lucinda King and Renee Barrance. On his return to NZ and move down to Dunedin he formed Death And The Maiden with Lucinda King and then Élan Vital with Renee Barrance.

As well as Danny, Thought Creature still has it’s original nucleus of guitarist/ vocalist Will Rattray (also in the excellent and closely-related psychedelic garage rock band Full Moon Fiasco) and supplemented on their recent NZ tour by drummer Andy Frost (Coyote) and Jelena Mirceta (Full Moon Fiasco) on keyboards.



Shocking Pinks' Nick Harte

Shocking Pinks’ Nick Harte

Day 16 of this song-a-day-May NZ Music Month madness is ‘My Best Friend’ by Shocking Pinks.

This track is lovely sickly beautiful; all messed up introverted pop-crush woozy oddness, sounding like The Pastels playing lo-fi disco dream-pop inside a cardboard box.

It comes from the sprawling new album ‘Guilt Mirrors’ released as an LP plus a ‘triple album’ download.

Shocking Pinks play a Radio One hosted show at Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers near Dunedin Saturday 17 May 2014, with support from dada-goth waltz-punks Opposite Sex and neo-pscychedelic baroque-folk troubadour Kane Strang.