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The Lodger return with a new song (single?) following the release of their impressive ‘comeback’ album “Cul De Sac of Love” which was released back in March and quickly sold out its first LP pressing. “Bewildered” here is a new standalone track – so far anyway…

Bewildered” is another very classy 3 minute slice of melodic and optimistically reflective melancholic pop, this time led by piano. It has a classic descending chorus, and a heap of subtle details in the musical arrangement. It’s a little bit Beatles (“A Day in the Life”) but with an almost Polyphonic Spree twist of unpredictability and lush inner-glow vocal harmony.

By way of a recap for anyone who missed the March post for the single “Dual Lives” which preceded the album, The Lodger – a Leeds, UK trio led by songwriter and guitarist Ben Siddall – went into a decade-long hiatus in 2010. Prior to 2010 The Lodger released a handful of much-loved singles and EPs and 3 studio albums through a variety of labels including Slumberland Records in the States.

The Lodger are masters at capturing the distilled essence of the craft of Pure Pop, an era perhaps most associated with the second half of the 1980s onwards, a period where the UK produced numerous practitioners of the Pure Pop craft like the Lightning Seeds, later period Orange Juice, and also a semi-forgotten band, Frazier Chorus, who released a beautifully melancholy single “Sloppy Heart” on the independent label 4AD before signing to Virgin Records. In fact it’s the honey-on-velvet voice of Frazier Chorus’s Tim Freeman on that song that Ben Siddal’s tone remind me of here. And his lyrics too for that matter, straight from the (sloppy) heart:

how do we get so bewildered
why do we fall apart
love isn’t complicated
we’re just not that smart

Magical minimal melodic melancholic Pure Pop, from The Lodger in the form of “Dual Lives”:

“Dual Lives” is the pre-order-tempter single from a new album “Cul-de-sac of Love” by the West Yorkshire trio. The LP release on Spanish label Pretty Olivia Records sold out in a few weeks so fair to say this song did the business. It may still be available in other countries via one of the links on the Philophobia Music Bandcamp.

Hadn’t heard of The Lodger before hearing this but it appears this is an out-of-the-blue new release after the band went into a decade-long hiatus in 2010. The trio is led by songwriter and guitarist Ben Siddall, and prior to 2010 released a handful of much-loved singles and EPs and 3 studio albums through a variety of labels including Slumberland Records in the States.

“Dual Lives” is Pure Pop, the distilled essence of the craft, reminiscent of the likes of “Rip It Up”-era Orange Juice, Lightning Seeds, and more recently Franz Ferdinand perhaps. However, it’s the uncluttered simplicity of The Lodger’s guitar-bass-drums-vocal pure pop on “Dual Lives” here that stands out. The rhythm guitar here may channel something of Nile Rodgers in Chic, but also a bit of Alan Rankine’s silky staccato rhythm guitar circa The Associates’ “Sulk” album. Magical. Keep these Bandcamp pages bookmarked for when the rest of the album tracks are available.