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Ha the UnclearHa The Unclear – “Alt-Pop/New Wave/Indie from South Dunedin based in Auckland, New Zealand” – are back with another brilliantly catchy single “Wallace Line”:

There’s a bit of an Orange Juice vibe about “Wallace Line”. Bouncy Afro-Beat guitar lines zing around over trebly rapid-fire strums, with glorious sugary vocal harmonies in the chorus.  Michael Cathro’s existential musings sung in that laconic but precise deadpan South Dunedin delivery tie it all together with a bow.

Ha The Unclear play at The Cook in Dunedin tonight.

Ha Tour 2018

Suggested Friends.jpgSuggested Friends describe their sound as ‘tweemo’ and, while this is no doubt tongue-in-cheek, it does indeed combine some noisy emotional punk pop with the kind of perfect melodic songcraft that would’ve fitted perfectly on Sarah Records in the 90s. Here’s 1 minute 51 seconds of their perfect melodic songcraft:

Suggested Friends are from London and comprised of Jack McGinn, Kirsty Fife, Faith Taylor, & Christabel Williams.  “I Can’t Roll My Eyes That Far (Back)” is almost impossibly melodic and bounds through so many twists and turns in a short time – including a glorious fuzzy 12-string guitar solo – that it fair takes the breath away.

It’s on their self-titled album, which is out on LP format on Cardiff’s Odd Box Records.  Give it a whirl and while you are there check out the other releases on this enterprising DIY label.

Haunted Love

Here’s Day 18 of the New Zealand Music month Bandcamp challenge. I’ve been trying to keep it to current music as much as possible, but I miss Haunted Love (in maternal recess for a bit). This is from a couple of years ago now and from their first EP but it is Dunedin’s pop heart at its very best. Haunted Love took a long time to get to this EP (and the following album) but the crafted pop on each release was worth the wait.

The album ‘Spirit Revival’ is very classy electro-pop but I still prefer the EP ‘Darkness in Diamond City’. As the title indicates, there is a bit of (Dunedin) Southern Gothic wrapped up in it all. The addition of Logan Valentine’s twangy guitar in this version of Haunted Love added a new dimension that fits the songs perfectly.

On ‘Sleepwalkers’ it’s not just the great song that captures attention but also all the subtle background details from Valentine’s guitar.