“Alone” by low-key Dunedin solo recording artist Fazed on a Pony is perfect rainy-day-Sunday music. Fazed on a Pony is Peter McCall, who fronted the briefly wondrous Blanche last year and has also appeared in Yawny and the Apocalypse and the Dasepo Girls.

Two singles have been released without fanfare via the Fazed on a Pony Bandcamp page . Both are great. "Mary Like Me", released in August, is infused with 3Ds/ Pavement-esque guitar runs and a submerged vocal. The more recent single "Alone" though is more confident – in that peculiarly introverted Dunedin way – and distinct of character.

The vocals sound like they are recorded on a dictaphone & somehow matched to the backing track. The effect is oddly beautiful and dislocating. It creates both a weird intimacy and, at the same time, a barrier to keep the listener arms-length. The music is languorous – slow, sleepy, crammed full of interest and diversions. I have played this song on repeat for the past day and it still has the sense of wonder of the first listen.