CCFXLast post of 2017 and it’s a song from a band called CCFX from Olympia, WA in the US, sounding like some lost masterpiece from the UK New Wave from the 80s or early 90s fusion of post-punk and dance music, which caught the ear from a Paris music magazine playlist of 50 indispensable songs for 2017.  “The One to Wait” is glorious:

The song is from an EP released in October on the DFA label. CCFX is a fusion of synth-pop duo CC Dust and Trans FX.

The chorus bass (a crafty combination of Cocteau Twins atmosphere and New Order solidness) and crystalline delay guitar has the hallmarks of that post-punk 80s era while the drum-machine breakbeats takes it into 90s territory (Curve perhaps a reference point here).  The thing that sets the song apart though is Mary Jane Dunphe’s distinctive and glorious vocals – a deep resonant voice with the ability to shift tone and pitch.