jmcfarlanes_reality_guest_photo“Where Are You My Love?” is the captivating flute+synth+voice track which closes an album by one-time/ some-time Twerps member Julia McFarlane, and friends, operating under the banner J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest.

The Bandcamp page for the release says “TA DA! It’s the debut full length from Julia McFarlane, previously known as Hot Topic, henceforth known as J. McFarlane’s Reality Guest!” 

“Where Are You My Love?” stands out for its unusual simplicity, the song taking the form of an almost traditional folk lament sung over minimal instrumentation of synth, and flute from multi-instrumentalist Ela Stiles (Bushwalking)

The album is notionally ‘synth-pop’ but in a minimalist way. The songs zoom around between bold synth-led pop statements (eg: “I Am a Toy”), minimal strange folk pop (eg: “What has He Bought?”) and stripped down post-punk pop of  the likes of “Do You Like What I’m Sayin?”.

In some ways the music on “TA DA!” may be long way from The Twerps strum and jangle (if you are here because of Twerps related withdrawal curiosity) but it takes a similar low-key DIY approach and focus on everyday themes.

The album was released on 9 January but the LP version on Melbourne label Hobbies Galore has sold out already, which should tell you everything you need to know about how good this is.