Too Tone NZ Music Month

NZ Music Every Godzone Month! sign from Too Tone Records in Dunedin.

Our New Zeland Music Month day #24 song is a recent single from Auckland bedroom pop musician Lucky Boy^ called “Turn Off That Light”.

Lucky Boy^ is Auckland resident Simeon Kavanagh-Vincent¬†and there’s a small treasure trove of recent recordings uploaded to Bandcamp this month. The “Lo fi” and “indie” Bandcamp tags tell us everything and absolutely nothing.

If you have a head full of music like I do, the crunchy fuzz’n’compression bass part here may remind you of the style of Chris Squire’s bass part from “Starship Trooper” by Yes. The drum machines bludgeon out unrestful patterns in a style similar to what once anchored the intoxicating sonic mist of early Cocteau Twins songs. The guitars provide woozy, languid amorphous shoegaze/ dream-pop atmospherics akin to the odd dream-like textures on A R Kane’s “69” album.¬† The vocals are melodic and soulful yet held in the middle distance with reverb and light distortion.

Annoying as these kind of random, un-connected references to music you may never have heard of may be, it’s just me trying to make sense and find some order to explain what is a highly effective approach to music-making. I doubt any of these are influences or inspirations at all, just coincidences. It may be “lo fi” and “indie” and DIY bedroom pop but it’s in a different league to most of the music flying that flag of convenience.

If you like (love) this single, be warned there are three (THREE!) albums uploaded by Lucky Boy^ so far in May, each one offering a different sonic approach but a similar kind of approach to this single.