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PopLib’s final gratuitous mid-year list is the only one which is totally objective and fact-based. It’s all statistics… the Top 5 most viewed posts so far in 2015.

5. Totally Mild – Battleship

4. Rozi Plain – Actually

3. Ego – Moon

2. Sam Hunt with David Kilgour & the Heavy Eights – Wavesong

1. Anthonie Tonnon – Water Underground

While we are talking statistics, people from these Top 5 countries have viewed the blog so far in 2015; 1. New Zealand, 2. United States, 3. United Kingdom, 4. Australia, 5. Spain.

Rozi Plain

“Actually” is a new song by Rozi Plain. I’d never heard of Rozi Plain until I found Lost Map Records via Tuff Love who I found via a song called “Seafoam” on a cassette compilation on Bandcamp a few days ago and I can’t remember how I came across that. But I can tell Rozi Plain and her upcoming album “Friend” will become very familiar to me this year.

There’s something about the voice, phrasing, lyrics and music on “Actually” here which reminds me a little of Robert Wyatt, which is a wonderful thing indeed. If you check out other tracks like “Human” you’ll maybe get even more of a sense of this and the adventurous use of quite minimal instrumentation and arrangements – plus the voices – to make something special.

Tuff Love2
Tuff Love are one of 13 bands/ artists appearing on a cassette/ download compilation on Beech Coma Records, a Leeds, UK based DIY label. Their song on Volume 1 of the 3 volume series (so far) is “Seafoam” and it’s all kinds of perfect.

This Glasgow two-piece have a Tuff Love Soundcloud page and also a Bandcamp page both with a back catalogue of low-key lo-fi pop perfection. I’m lost there already…

… which turns out to be a spooky thing to type as they have a 10″ EP called “Dross” out in a few days on Lost Map Records. And yep, I’ve just impulse-ordered a couple of copies of it. So should you.

Here’s a video too: