Haunted Love

Here’s Day 18 of the New Zealand Music month Bandcamp challenge. I’ve been trying to keep it to current music as much as possible, but I miss Haunted Love (in maternal recess for a bit). This is from a couple of years ago now and from their first EP but it is Dunedin’s pop heart at its very best. Haunted Love took a long time to get to this EP (and the following album) but the crafted pop on each release was worth the wait.

The album ‘Spirit Revival’ is very classy electro-pop but I still prefer the EP ‘Darkness in Diamond City’. As the title indicates, there is a bit of (Dunedin) Southern Gothic wrapped up in it all. The addition of Logan Valentine’s twangy guitar in this version of Haunted Love added a new dimension that fits the songs perfectly.

On ‘Sleepwalkers’ it’s not just the great song that captures attention but also all the subtle background details from Valentine’s guitar.