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Saint Severin from Bristol, UK is a new collaboration between Paul Pascoe (Beat Hotel) and artist Siena Barnes, delivering a big, crunching rock and roll riff monster of a pop song in the form of this first single “The Knife”.

“The Knife” is reminiscent of the kind of Big Guitar rock-pop of Danielle Dax around her great “Blast the Human Flower” (1990) album with a bit of “Automatic” era Jesus & Mary Chain motorik sonic assault.

This version of “The Knife” is one side of a Double A side single on Super8SinglesClub out next week. The other side (AA side) is a remix of “The Knife” by Barry Adamson (Magazine and Nick Cave and the Badseeds)

Who knows whether the name Saint Severin was inspired by the Church in Paris of that name, one of several saints over the centuries to bear that name, or the character from “Venus In Furs” immortalised in the Velvet Undeground song of that name, although that particular Severin was no saint at all. Whatever the inspiration, let’s hope there’s more to come from Saint Severin.

Dead Little PennyAuckland guitar+synth dark-pop band Dead Little Penny have released an album’s-worth of their melodic sludgy Gothic fuzzfest called “Urge Surfing”. The opening track “Honeycomb” has been out for over a year, but it’s such a brilliant dark fuzz-pop earworm of a tune, so the best starting place to start the process of syringing your ears with crunchy square-wave guitar and synth tones and dream-pop vocals.

Dead Little Penny are vocalist/ songwriter/ guitarist Hayley Smith, drummer/synth player Simon Buxton, and guitarist/bassist Sean Martin-Buss.

The dark grainy soundscapes are heavy on atmosphere. It’s a contemporary take on the kind of synth-driven melodic fuzz pop of Young Hellions and late era day Jesus and Mary Chain, with some of Curve‘s rhythmic dance-floor suppleness and a bit of dark-wave synth pop added in for good measure.