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Peach Milk 2017

Our Day 5 sounds for New Zealand Music Month come from Auckland electronic house/ techno music creator Peach Milk and “Catci (Zygo)” from the recent 3 song “WONK” EP.

As you may guess from the EP name “WONK” is a collection of recent works with a cohesive theme – they are all pretty wonky in the view of Madison Eve, the creator behind the Peach Milk name.

The first Peach Milk release “Finally” was a superbly tasteful collection of minimal techno sounds, with a the dark sheen and shimmer of the synth washes,  understated beats, and icy ambient minimalism.

The tracks on the “WONK” EP, continue the tasteful dance-tempo minimalism, but bent askew and tipped off-kilter with subtle sonic touches.

NZMM 2020

Floating Island 2020

Here in NZ we’ve just completed Day 30 of a COVID19 elimination lockdown. In another few days – Tuesday 28 April 2020 – the extreme lockdown is eased just a tiny bit… but essentially ‘quarantine’ continues for at least another few weeks. On 4 May NZ will achieve the noteworthy milestone of the Middle Ages plague lockdown quaranta giorni (40 days!).

Here’s the first local quarantine lockdown isolation song I’ve discovered. I’m assuming the perfectly-titled “Discontinuation” from Floating Island is a reflection on current affairs… it works as that even if the lyrics are a more general reflection on changing times.

Floating Island is “an online music work book of demos and solo explorations by Lucinda King (Death and the Maiden, Bad Sav & Denudes).”

“Discontinuation” is a glorious and disorienting solo electronic extrapolation of King’s work in Death & The Maiden. The washes of sounds, layers of ambient textures, crisp minimal beats, and especially that distressed woozy slow vibrato not-sax melody behind the melancholic voice create a wholly a complete(d) work. There’s nothing “demo” about this.

There are more excellent solo explorations uploaded just last week. Always great to have new music to discover, even more essential during a period of quarantine home detention.