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soccer practise_2017Here’s PopLib’s 5th send as a gift tip for the month, featuring “Cold Hard Surfaces”,  a track from the just-released and wonderfully adventurous debut album by Auckland experimental electronic-soul-pop 4 piece SoccerPractise.

You may be wondering what the hell the genre hybridisation of “experimental electronic soul-pop” means. Well, this song – and the whole album – is full of twitchy, glitchy rhythms, deep sub-bass and sampled sound layers.

So, it is ‘experimental’ in the sense that it’s taking risks, straying beyond what’s tried and true in electronic music, in soul and in pop, by creating unusual new beats and combining sounds in different, unexpected ways – particularly the fusion of twangy reverb guitars with danceable musique-concrete style sampled sound beats & electronica.

It’s definitely soulful with those fine vocals from Geneva Alexander-Marsters, and it’s very accessible and radio friendly (if not exactly mainstream commercial radio-friendly, but that’s another story in NZ).

SoccerPractise is recommended to send as a gift to the cool people in your life, for those who like pop but think it all sounds the same these days, and for lovers of Te Reo Maori too. Given the regular appearance of Te Reo Maori, one of NZ’s official languages, throughout the album it’s also a great gift for any bigots in your family.  They’ll be singing along to Haere Mai E Tama before they realise what’s happening.

soccer practise1Day 5 of our 31 days of NZ Music Month is from Auckland electronic band SoccerPractise and their recent single “Haere Mai E Tama”, currently no.1 on Dunedin’s Radio One Top 11 this week.

Sung in Te Reo Maori by vocalist Geneva Alexander-Marsters, “Haere Mai E Tama” continues the promise of their first single “Windfall” . It’s effortlessly classy late-night, low-light minimal electronica punctuated once again with subtle, fidgety rhythm loops and beats.

The instrumentation and arrangements are sparse but reward repeated (heaphone) listens. As with the first single it’s that tasteful restraint and space creating the atmosphere and contemporary film-noir soundtrack tension here, helping us focus on the voice.

SoccerPractise are playing at ReFuel in Dunedin tonight opening for Youmi Zuma and Doprah if any local readers want to see them play live.