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We first met Foxy Morons back in January through tracks from two fine Hobart, Tasmania underground music compilations. Here’s another song from them – “Home” – which comes from a self-titled 6-song cassette EP, released last month by Wrong Place (right Time) Records.

The music on “Home” – all languid strummed guitars and cascading fairground organ – sounds like it could have come from an early single by The Chills played at the wrong speed.

The guitars here are strummed in the classic Velvet Underground chug. Attitude is elevated above slavish attention to technical mastery, as it always should be. It’s all about the song and the performance and the experience it represents.

“Home” is a simple song about trying to avoid returning to a cold house, and looking for a dog. In the fog of course. As with Dunedin bands, it appears weather, cold houses and pets offer plenty of inspiration for songwriting in Hobart, Tasmania.

There’s plenty of other fine songs on the EP and the cassette looks like it’s getting another production run so head on over  to the Wrong Place (Right Time) Bandcamp page.  While you are there, check the back catalogue items from Foxy Morons and other Tasmanian lo-fi & DIY music gems on display.




the-sunday-leagueThis may well be my favourite song from the other* Hobart music compilation called “7000 – The Pick of Hobart Independent bands”. And “Monday” is a perfect song for a Monday naturally. Even though Monday in NZ is still a Sunday in some parts of the world, it’s still a perfect song because it’s by The Sunday League.

The Sunday League take me back to the likes of The CannanesThe Lucksmiths and The Steinbecks; all chiming perfect hollow-body electric guitars, earnest melodic vocals and lyrics reflecting on the everyday things of existence in suburban Australia. Like rubbish collection day and overgrown Pittosporum trees.

It’s music so familiar you’d think you should have heard enough of it already. And yet, something like this can breeze along, with those ringing guitar notes, quivering Australian voice and honest band-in-a-room recording, and it’s just perfect for dreaming and escaping to imagine watching the bin collectors work their way down a tree-lined street you’ve never been to, in Hobart, Tasmania, postcode 7000.

* check out the “Community 4” Hobart music compilation on bandcamp for more Tasmanian underground pop goodness.

Mermaidens (photo by Tamara Jones Photography - ROGUE

Mermaidens (photo by Tamara Jones Photography – ROGUE

Hey! PopLib’s back… that attempt at a month of posting Aussie music fell apart at the half-way mark sorry. No shortage of material, just shortage of time to search fully in the internet digital haystack. So back to random posts from around the world… starting with Wellington three-piece Mermaidens and the dreamy ‘Wander’ from their 2nd EP, called simply “O”

I’ve posted about Mermaidens here before. This new EP seems a whole step up and a refinement/ focusing of their sound into something a little Gothic and dark and perfectly minimal. Twangy reverb-licked guitar lines twist and curl together, drums rumble and voices soar. They tag it dreamsurf psychpop and that’s about right.

Mermaidens play at Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers tonight with two of Dunedin’s best live performers right now – Kane Strang and Bad Sav. Rain hail or (moon)shine you should be there.

Day 28 of the song-a-day-May NZ Music Month madness is ‘Prone Hold’ from Auckland quintet Trust Punks.

This is complicated and gravity-defying post-rock noise-pop. Every time I listen to it I hear new things going on here that I hadn’t noticed on previous listens.

In some ways Trust Punks seem like the Yes of noise rock.

Little tricky time changes, delicate guitar figures, soaring elegiac orchestral passages, noisy explosions of sound, squeaky vocals. Even Huf on trumpet for a mournful Salvation Army band atmosphere.

Is there anything this song is not? No there isn’t. ‘Prone Hold’ is just noisily, technically, obtusely, angularly, melodically, satisfyingly brilliant really.



Day 15 of the NZ Music Month song-a-day-May madness comes from Wellington neo-primitive trio Mermaidens.

‘Jenny Greenteeth’ is the lead song from a recent (February 2014) 3 song EP available from their Bandcamp page.

There’s a primal simplicity about this which is perfect rock and roll from the margins. Guitars and drums, recorded in big room, with a menacing, feral energy to it, and strong commanding vocals with the presence of early PJ Harvey about them. The rest of the EP is more of the same and well worth your Bandcamp name-your-price generosity.

Mermaidens is Lily Paris West – guitar, vocals; Gussie Larkin – guitar, vocals; Abe Hollingsworth – drums.

Mermaidens (from their Facebook page)

Mermaidens (from their Facebook page)