Halfheads_LiveHalfheads are a Melbourne band returning after a decade-long hiatus to deliver three digital singles in quick succession in 2020. “Diamonds” is the most recent, from July.

It’s yer classic Australian guitar pop. It’s too frenetic to be called ‘slacker’ but does feature that glorious ramalama strum of almost-in-tune guitars, a growling bass, thumping drums, and yelping vocals.

“Diamonds” is cultured stuff though, re-purposing a bit of F Scott Fitzgerald imagery to describe a dandruff problem, throwing in a reference to Aussie basketball legend Andrew Gaze, and generally reflecting on the vicissitudes of the middle years of life.

Or, in Halfheadspeak: “Born among a rubble of red cans in North Melbourne circa 2009 and emerging from a mist of vase smoke and dirty nappies a decade later, the Halfheads are twitchy middle-age spread rock gone sour. Teeth rotten, cruising for a bruising and thinking about what is for dinner, the band recorded a handful of cracking songs in a Brisbane basement in 2019.”

Onya, mate.