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Day 6 of our daily posts for New Zealand Music Month comes from Port Chalmers sea dogs Seafog, and their song about living underwater, like Patrick Duffy in “Man for Atlantis”, called “What the Heck”.

The bass-less trio of Robin Sharma (vocals & guitar), Nigel Waters (guitar) and Marty Sadler (drums) sound huge in the resonating echo-chamber production of recording alchemist Forbes Williams.

“What the Heck” is the closing track on “Animal Lovers” – a double album celebration of South Island feral guitar din.

NZMM 2020

Space Bats Attack Live to Air 2017.jpgA month ago Dunedin post-apocalyptic space-surf-rock guitar band Space Bats, Attack! dropped into their local University radio station Radio 1 and recorded a mesmerising set of new heavy riffing guitars/bass/drums instrumentals. They did such a fantastic job they put the live set up on their Bandcamp. Here’s the first pulverising track for your sonic exploration:

As Radio 1 video these live-to-air performances now you can also watch while you listen. Of particular significance is the fire extinguisher next to the bass drum, presumably placed there in case of spontaneous drummer combustion.

These are fantastic performances – musically complex, brutally propulsive yet lithe, full of dynamics with sonic twists and turns as effect pedals are manipulated like instruments. The video of the whole thing is a pretty compelling watch too:

Space Bats, Attack! are also a discovery point for a swathe of other noisy Dunedin guitar bands. As well as guitarist Lee Nicholson (Thundercub, and Lighting Wave effect pedal guru) you have guitarist Richard Ley-Hamilton (formerly of Males, now Asta Rangu), and the Nicholls brothers – Josh (drums) and Zac (bass). Zac is also a brilliant guitarist and along with Josh was in A Distant City, then The Violet-Ohs before forming their current band Koizilla.

Trust Punks at Lucha Lounge in Auckland

Trust Punks at Lucha Lounge in Auckland

Day 11 of May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month comes from progressively-minded Auckland band Trust Punks with “Gordian Knot” from their very fine album/ mini-album “Discipline”

When I discovered Trust Punks “Prone Hold” during last year’s May Marathon I described them as the Yes of noise rock. I meant it as a compliment.

And “Gordian Knot”, along with the rest of the LP, doesn’t disappoint. This is complex, unusually constructed post-punk post-rock guitar-rock full of twists and turns but also full of pop hooks and packing enough ideas and flourishes into each song to stand out as something special.

The LP should be in your local record store. if not, order it from the Spunk Records online shop.

T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

T54 sound-checking at Queens, Dunedin late 2013

Day 13 of the NZ Music Month daily NZ music madness is from Christchurch noise-pop trio T54.

‘Life is Swell’ is from their belated debut album ‘In Brush Park’ which took an eternity to be released on Flying Nun (a familiar enough complaint for bands back in the label’s first era).

T54 – named after a tank – do that quiet/ loud thing very well indeed. Sweet melodies, washed out reverb vocals all wrapped in fuzzy guitars with occasional explosive bursts of saturated distortion and pure thrilling skronk. Very good indeed. You can get it here – the sweet LP version comes recommended.

The album was recorded in Dunedin (inside the cavernous Sammys Entertainment venue hall) by Tom Bell ( The Shifting Sands, David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights ).