Space Bats Attack_Mirror

Dunedin batcore band Space Bats, Attack! have featured a few times on PopLib with their sonic mayhem. They’ve just released another EP called ˆ”ˆ Sub​-​EP ^«^ and “Mouldy Peaches” is the first of the two tracks from it.

“Mouldy Peaches” is a fantastic slice of proggy, space-surf sci-fi. It’s mostly instrumental but does feature some processed and submerged vocal midway if you listen carefully.

As with all Space Bats, Attack! tunes”Mouldy Peaches” morphs substantially over its duration . It starts out like some kind of psychedelic Calexico-on-Mars desert-noir thriller theme then launches into an up-tempo staccato guitar refrain before the twin guitars go on a frenzied string-bending rampage in a drag-race to the end. Brilliant.