This is great. Stone cold dead bloody wonderful in fact. It’s a dirge-like infinity of reverb inside a vast cavern of beautiful lost noise. And it’s from Dunedin. Of course.

I’ve seen pesk play and been paralysed by the stark gothic beauty of their two-piece sound. Though it’s more than two-piece because drummer Raff somehow plays keyboards at the same time as drumming skeleton beats and Amee layers muddy sediment layer upon muddy sediment layer of thick, doomed guitar and then sings redemptive lullabies over-top in a slow, ominous hymnal voice.

Recorded here on ‘tyranny’, pesk sound even better. There’s some subtle guitar work, minimal beats, a background rush of noise and some lovely whistling that is so menacingly cheerful it’s chilling. There’s an unsettling slow-wave layered minimalism about this track that is close to perfect. Keen to hear more from pesk.