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Spinning Coin_Albany_8mm stillGlasgow guitar pop band Spinning Coin have their first single out on Geographic Music. It’s called “Albany” and it’s from the gentler section of their already impressive songbook.

Having seen them play live in Glasgow last year I’m keen to hear a full album from them. They were supporting Joanna Gruesome at Glad Cafe that night so pulled out a set-list of their noisier rattlers. It was wonderful to behold – a heady mixture of wistfully melodic jangling psychedelic guitar pop and noisy string-bending guitar skronk.

The video for “Albany” – filmed on 8mm film by Roxanne Clifford (Veronica Falls, The Royal We, Baggy Attitude) – fits the song perfectly. Timeless, faded, personal, nostalgic and conveying the physical and psychic geography of the bands’ home city.

Geographic Music is a label run by Stephen McRobbie and Katrina Mitchell of The Pastels under the umbrella of Domino Records. The video for The Pastels “Crawl Babies” single features the same foot-bridge – the South Portland Street Suspension Bridge – spanning the Clyde river which runs through Glasgow.

That provides a perfect excuse to share the “Crawl Babies” video below too. In the interests of, well, geographic synchronicity, or something. Anyway…

The 7″ single of Spinning Coin’s “Albany” is out in April and can be pre-ordered from Domino Records.


Spinning Coin_daguerrotypeSpinning Coin – who featured on PopLib recently after I had the good luck to see them play live at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow in September – released a cassette EP back in April. It is on the wonderfully named Glasgow cassette label Winning Sperm Party and “Late, Late, Late” from that release is a pretty great introduction to their ultra-melodic everything-at-once psych-pop jangle’n-shred.

There’s no indication it’s sold out yet so if you are inclined towards cassettes take the plunge with this over at the Winning Sperm Party website

For all their archaic charm cassettes are still the perfect low entry cost, scaleable production run analogue format for new bands, particularly with CDs or CD-Rs inexplicably becoming a less desirable way for people to acquire new music releases.

But good news for vinyl lovers is the prospect of some Spinning Coin releases coming up in 2015 on Geographic Music, a label distributed by Domino Records, which should give it a chance of being available far and wide.