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Abjects are a London-based trio playing primal ultra-fuzzy melodic garage rock. “Gone” jump-starts their 2015 EP also called “Gone”.

Garage-punk-psych-fuzz-rock… whatever this is called, Abjects are quality practitioners of a sub-genre that has been around for ages.

In “Gone” (the songs and the EP) they seamlessly combine some good old fashioned Punk Rock with some primitive but ultra-melodic Garage Rock and infuse it all with some heavy psych-fuzz through the wild feedback guitar solo. Timeless, fun and perfect.

As well as their 2015 “Gone” EP there is a new single “Double Bind” due out next month.

“Double Bind” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Riley (long-time producer for Billy Childish) at his classic analog Ranscombe Studios and will be released via Greenway Records on March 10th 2016 both digitally and on limited edition 7” vinyl.

Here’s a video for “Double Bind”.


Here’s some unholy lo-fi psych goodness in spades from Christchurch band Wurld Series and their “Orkly Kid” single.

“Orkly Kid” comes across with the sweetly melodic fuzzed up charm of early Teenage Fanclub via Pavement as recorded on a 4 track cassette (I’m guessing).

It’s a bit grainy and lo-fi but that super-psych heavy tremolo-fuzz guitar sound is messily wonderful.

The B-Side “Rabbit” is also great. Looking forward to hearing these one day on “the forthcoming ‘Anthology’ to be released through Voyager Golden Records (Portland, USA)” and on “a full length LP to be released in the NEAR FUTURE.”

Wurld Series also appeared recently on this (sold out) split cassette with Jim Nothing on Melted Ice Cream. Pretty sure that Jim Nothing is also in Wurld Series but they are refreshingly obscure (no FB page!) and I like it that way.

[PostScript: Wurld Series advise “Sorry but we got a FB page after all…” They also say Jim Nothing left a while back but “is forever an honorary member of Wurld Series.”]

Sam Perry Zen Mantra

Day 28 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month via Bandcamp challenge comes from a Christchurch bedroom, soon to find it’s way to the world.

The debut album ‘How Many Padmes Hum?’ by Zen Mantra (Christchurch teen guitar pop wunderkid Sam Perry) came out on CD last year on Auckland’s Muzai Records. It was one of my favourite albums of 2012 and no surprise to see it being picked up by UK label Stroll On Records for vinyl release shortly.

‘Fossils’ is the pre-release single and it sums up the appeal of the album for me.

As I noted in my 2012 album round up:
“Very melodic and jangling pop which is also a bit sonically messed up… These songs are great – instantly memorable, well-crafted, noisy pop fun. Those with a love of classic psychedelic pop, ‘shoe-gaze’ pop or guitar pop from any era should give it a listen.”

Christine Voice & Peter Gutteridge of Snapper, 1991

Christine Voice & Peter Gutteridge of Snapper, 1991

Day 23 of the 31 Days of May NZ Music Month via Bandcamp challenge comes to you from the past, the present and the future by virtue of Dunedin icons Snapper.

This is hardly a new release or current New Zealand music… yet it is. The 1988 self-titled Snapper EP still sounds contemporary in 2013 (thinking Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips in a cast of many drone rockers of the modern era). It was re-released last month on Flying Nun Records – early fruit from their partnership with US label Captured Tracks along with the first EP by The Bats.

I remember this EP sounding revolutionary and exciting in 1988. Still does today. The mostly one chord fuzz-drones merge propulsive ‘Krautrock’ beats with the psychedelic melodies from voice and guitar. Everyone knows ‘Buddy’, but all four tracks on the EP are just as strong. Here’s ‘Hang On’:

The re-issued EP is available at all good record stores or direct from Flying Nun Records. In Dunedin you can get it from Portil, or even more fun, from Too Tone Records. Tony is eagerly awaiting your custom for these fine re-issues. In fact, never mind the re-issues, there’s always a good chance you’ll find the original editions in Too Tone’s 2nd hand New Zealand vinyl bin. According to the members of Real Estate, who shopped there on their visit to Dunedin last year, it has the best selection of NZ vinyl anywhere in the world. English cricketer/ commentator Derek Pringle may also agree.

Snapper have re-emerged – Peter Gutteridge along with a transfusion of talent from the Dunedin’s fountain of youth and occasional collaborators from past line-ups. There’s the real prospect of some new recordings from them some day.

Snapper at Camp a Low Hum 2013

Snapper at Camp a Low Hum 2013