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clever-calvinClever Calvin’s “Don’t You Think I Think So” is a warm and sleepy song wrapped in a sonic duvet of drifting haziness.

The two guitars here meander in such a way your ears want to follow them wherever they go. The lovely hissing background wash here is reminiscent of the sound rain squalls make when they hit a window in a Dunedin winter. Or an Auckland winter I guess, as that is where Clever Calvin is based. It’s comforting, in an odd kind of way, as long as you are indoor and the heater is on when the squalls hit.

Pretty sure Clever Calvin is the artist formerly known as Fluids. Fluids have removed the song “Hello Learning” we shared here back in May but this song certainly shares the same lo-fi psychedelic DIY spirit, with that gentle reminder of A R Kane’s hazy euphoric dreampop rush. There’s a Clever Calvin album promised, so bookmark that bandcamp page above as this will be one to check out when it appears.


Day 8 of NZ Music Month is from Auckland bedroom recording artist/ band (?) Fluids and the dreamy swirling cloud of noise they have called “Hello Learning :)”

Don’t know anything about Fluids other than that they are from Auckland, but do know that this is cool and the meandering guitars over muted but urgent percussion bit at the end is dreamy psychedelia.

It reminds me a bit of the dislocated wooziness of those odd late 1980s AR Kane singles on 4AD from a life ago which is just fine, too.