Former Dirty Projectors bassist Angel Deradoorian has been operating as a solo artist since 2013, releasing her first solo album “The Expanding Flower Planet” in 2015. “Find the Sun” is an intriguing new album, released a month ago. Here’s the hypnotic locked-groove motorik exploration of “Corsican Shores”:

“Corsican Shores” has the feel of a hypnotic Can groove from Tago Mago, the understated vocals of Young Marble Giants and the esoteric melodicism and otherness of early Stereolab.

There’s a refreshing organic minimalism and simplicity to the album. Three musicians – Angel Deradoorian (vocals, guitar, synth, flute), drummer/ percussionist Samer Ghadry, and bassist Dave Harrington – have created songs that sound fresh, mysterious, and with space for the music to breathe.

It’s the ethos of keeping things simple that makes this Deroodian album sound like nothing much else, while also throwing occasional reminders of the above-mentioned Can, whose experimental Ethnological Forgery Series mode is an additional reference point (ie: “The Illuminator”, a lengthy drum & flute & electronic sound piece, which also evokes the spirit of Sun Ra for good measure).

There are also moments of transcendent kosmiche-folk (“Monk’s Robes”, “Mask of Yesterday”), high-flying psychedelic folk-rock (“It Was Me”), minimal lounge jazz-funk (“Devil’s Market”), and all manner of individualistic goodness in between, often layered with Deradoorian’s mesmerising vocal incantations.

For something crafted by a trio from such simple and under-stated ingredients, the album is a rich exploration of sounds, and a deep dive into the infinite cosmos of Deradoorian’s imagination.