Intro DF DATM Remix

Introverted Dancefloor has released a set of remixes of it’s eponymous album, lead by Death And The Maiden‘s dark industrial revolution re-arrangement of the atomic structure of “Even If You Try” bathing the track in mesmerising geomagnetic storm of sound particles and waveforms.

It’s such a perfect mood built and sustained here, incorporating a hazy narcoleptic kind of post-rave come-down, fusing sci-fi industrial drone ambience with a dancefloor pulse and  then blasting it all through space and time at 4:24 via a euphoric mind-altering sub-sonic interstellar hyper-reality transporter beam.

Introverted Dancefloor’s sound creator Bevan Smith mastered Death And The Maiden’s subversive debut album, and, in his Signer guise, provided a delirious remix of their “Dear ___” as a bonus download track with their album. This “Even If You Try” remix re-pays that gesture with something rather special indeed.