Slowdive 2017.jpgMoments after posting yesterday’s song – “Scenic” by Ozeans – which had a Slowdive connection and dated from the same time as their first album in 1991, Slowdive announced the release of their first new music since 1995.

PopLib doesn’t normally feature well-known artists, or not often anyway. The focus is more on shining a light on the underground and the bands you generally won’t hear about through mainstream music media and blogs. However, given the coincidence with yesterday’s post it made sense to alert followers to “Star Roving”.

Having been a fan of Slowdive during their initial run from 1991 to 1995 I’ve enjoyed seeing the band return a few years ago and finding that, rather than being forgotten, their music had gathered more and more fans during the years they were away. So much so the re-emergent Slowdive were playing to far larger audiences in the past few years than they did in the early 1990s.

Their influence on a recent generation of ‘shoegaze’ bands is evident. Slowdive were always the archetypal band of that genre and era for me – melodic and accessible, and pursuing their own distinctive path despite the changing music tastes around them. Their music sounds as fresh and other-wordly today as it did 25 years ago.

If you haven’t already seen this recent documentary on Slowdive it is recommnded viewing.