Too Tone NZ Music Month

Shop display of re-purposed NZ Music Month poster at Too Tone Records (2010-2017) in Dunedin.

Our New Zealand Music Month treat for day 13 is the fuzzed-up guitar splendour of Christchurch band Wurld Series. Here’s “TY Duncan” from their recent digital single:

“TY Duncan” is an out-take from the “Stately & Befrothed” sessions. Wurld Series have had a morphing line-up obver the years but this song predates the current line-up of guitarist and vocalist Luke Towart with Adam Hattaway (lead guitar), Emma Hattaway (bass) and the ubiquitous Brian Feary (drums), so substitute Abi Macilquham for Emma, and Ben Woods for Adam and you have last year’s “Stately & Bethrothed” ear model. Confusing? Well, that’s rock’n’roll, Christchurch style.

What stays consistent with Wurld Series through the line-up changes is the loping nonchalant off-kilter melodic fuzzy guitar wonderfulness.