Look Blue Go Purple

Look Blue Go Purple

I know what you are thinking. ” Look Blue Go Purple‘s “Cactus Cat” isn’t obscure new music from Dunedin, it’s really old stuff. It was on LBGPEP2, released on Flying Nun Records in 1987.”

And it sure is – I appreciate your sense of history and knowledge of obscure NZ releases. But this post and song is really just an excuse to introduce you to the wonder of Pets Talk Records which is the best thing on the internet right now, assuming you like (a) records and (b) talking pets and (c) cartoon strips. “Talk” #6 in the series so far is about LBGPEP2 and refers to “Cactus Cat”.

Pets Talk Records LBGP

Here’s a video of the song, made by Pat O’Neill. Pat, who was a cameraman for TVNZ at the time, gave his time & talent to the cause to make videos for the likes of LBGP (he also made one for “Circumspect Penelope”), The Bats (Miss These Things) and Jean Paul Sartre Experience (Crap Rap).

The interview at the end of the clip is its own interesting time capsule of NZ music and society, as viewed through mainstream media at the time.

“Are there any difficulties in being a female band?”

The look passing briefly across Leslie’s face when that question is asked is the only answer anyone needs. But in case that doesn’t register, Kath’s reply of “only the presumption that it means something” is perfect.