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BediquetteWhat better way to celebrate 50 years since the release of The Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album than by picturing yourself on a shopping trolley stuck in Dunedin’s Leith River, plastic bags of yellow and white wrapped around the handle. You look for the the guy with a laptop and headphones making psychedelic glitch pop, and he’s gone. It’s Bediquette on PopLib with “Fracture”:

It’s 2017 and Abbey Road studio is a state of mind multiplied by a microprocessor chip in a laptop running recording software, a microphone and an audio interface going in, and a pair of headphones coming out, connected to someone with their head in the clouds, like Bediquette here.

“Fracture” is the gorgeous, dreamy middle track from a new three-song EP called “Looking, Not Listening” by Dunedin bedroom glitch-beat sound sculptor Bediquette, formerly known as Govrmint, as featured on PopLib back in February 2015.

There’s a little bit of the woozy saturation of Boards of Canada, but with a heart of the kind of fractured heartbreak pop of the experimental extreme of Sparklehorse’s orbit. The vocals are processed with distortion as a kind of protective shield perhaps to cocoon an introverted singer but it somehow manages to create an odd kind of digital intimacy.

“Looking, Not Listening” is a wonderful collection of warm, inventive melodic glitch-beat futuristic psychedelia. It’s very reflective and personal, but also expansive and propulsive. An essential trip into the inner space of a suburban Dunedin imagination.

Anything else? Yes, please:

“All These Conditions” is a sweetly dislocated slice of ambient glitch sound-collage from Dunedin ensemble Govrmint.

Dunedin’s experimental/electronic music underground is a clandestine world of of it’s own. A new generation of sound-makers operate as Charisma Collective. The Charisma Collective Bandcamp page is where I stumbled across Govrmint’s “Pipe DRM” but Govrmint also have their own Bandcamp.

The whole album is wonderful. A familiar reference point may be Boards of Canada, but Govrmint operate like a futuristic laptop glitch advancement of that kind of oddly dislocating (mis)use of sound and samples. Check out the glorious “Altnow” for another poke in the third eye.


Day 14 of the NZ Music Month daily NZ music madness is ‘Wellsford Video’ from the dark imagination of Auckland sound-charmer MOPPY.

This from Muzai Records Bandcamp page: “Moppy (a.k.a Thom Burton) produces wonders of glitch and IDM that take their cues from the ambient works of Chris Morris and the soundtrack to television classic Jaaaaam. Cultivated through a period of fasting in a tin-foil hat, with a brief period of time working with Cute Banana (who appeared on the single “Big Bad Wolf” from his first album, Mokai), Seconds is more than mere electronic music and EDM.”

No idea what any of that actually means sorry but I do like this Moppy album. ‘Seconds’ reminds me in places of early Eno (eg: Music for Films) and Boards of Canada and in other places of the experimental side of Broadcast. But there’s also a lot of musique-concrete & avant-garde sound manipulation going on here too which means it is hard to pin it down to being any one thing.

It’s all very exotic yet accessible while also being fresh & a little challenging. Which pretty much sums up the modus operandi of Muzai Records really.