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From the darkest corners of Dunedin’s experimental music underground, the“Rag & Bone 2018” album by Odessa managed to avoid detection by PopLib until April of this year. It’s an extraordinary slice of industrial lo-fi darkwave with a soulful heart. Here’s “Potential To Kinetic”:

Back in April we shared a haunting track “to a place” by Ana Moser from the Dunedin compilation …And It Could Be Right Now – New Music From Ōtepoti​/​Dunedin. Moser’s previous music was with duo Odessa, so “Rag & Bone 2018″ required further investigation, and turned out to offer some similar darkly wonderful music.

The stand out tracks are the opener “Cool Breeze” and “Potential to Kinetic” here. Moser’s vocals provide an enthralling heart of soulful jazz-blues stylings to contrast with the industrial grind, effects, disorienting lo-fi samples, and mechanical rhythms.

This track in particular sounds like a kind of hybrid of some of the elements of the music of Massive Attack, Portishead, and HTRK, but created on a Dunedin underground musician budget, and sounding all the better for that. The track creates a menacing sense of dislocation, electronic sounds eroded by the glitch and decay of digital artifacts, vocals moving in and out of focus.

Elsewhere the album tracks alternate between pummeling distorted pulses and minimalist soundscapes of artfully decelerated, brutally primitive dark-wave industrial dance music, some of which feature more of Moser’s magical vocals.

There’s a new 29 track compilation just out via Bandcamp called …And It Could Be Right Now – New Music From Ōtepoti​/​Dunedin. It’s a diverse allsorts pick’n’mix of Dunedin sounds. This track from Ana Moser stood out as being both experimental/ lo-fi and also all kinds of atmospheric wonderful.

Moser is described as ‘a loop pedal artist’ who was previously half of Dunedin duo ODESSA, crafting lo-fi ambient-experimental sludge metaltronica.

On “to a place” (“imprisoned in sound and melody“) Moser uses mostly her voice, which carries something of the world-weary spirit of Billie Holiday, doubled with a subtle pitch-shift effect (?) and fogged in reverb, with percussion and droning keyboard, to create a darkly atmospheric, grainy, lo-fi psychedelic devotional music incantation.

“…And It Could Be Right Now – New Music From Ōtepoti/Dunedin” showcases recently produced music made in this city, from punk to indie rock, electronica, sound art, krautrock, improvisation, chiptune, screamo, folk, noise to electropop and more. There’s probably something for everybody.

The compilation features some PopLib favourites, including songs from Bathysphere, Asta Rangu and Seafog. The more experimental sounds are towards the end of the compilation, and there’s much to explore there and along the way.