We absolutely adore a bit of minimalist post-punk pop here at PopLib, and this slice of spacey minimalist post-punk pop wonder is from Melbourne band/ duo XR and their perfectly concise mini-album “XR!”.

XR take that melodic off-kilter approach associated with Wire, but strip it back and create something spare but wonderful. There’s perhaps a little bit of the feel of Young Marble Giants or The Raincoats here (especially on “Melody”), but also at times a whiff of the cool angular primitivism of Robert Rental’s proto-synth-pop post-punk oddness maybe. If it’s not obvious already, this kind of scatter of references all adds up to something really wonderful!

XR consists of Xanthe Waite and Raven Mahon. If Xanthe Waite sounds a familiar name then you are clearly an attentive PopLib reader and recall the 2020 album “Sogni” from Primo! from which we featured the song “Perfect Paper” in 2020 or you are a fan of Terry.

Raven Mahon should also be a familiar name, from US post-punk band Grass Widow. Mahon has now relocated to Australia and in 2020 released a dream-pop/ synth-pop collaboration called “Shimmering Basset” as The Green Child, with the ubiquitous Mikey Young

XR and The Green Child together offer an almost overwhelming rabbit hole of new music discovery leading deep into the extraordinary Australian underground.