Our Day 26 song for 31 Days of May Madness, attempting to post a New Zealand track every day of the month of May, is “Bravo Eugenia” By Luke Shaw / Tuha Tuimaka:

“Bravo Eugenia” is a live improvisation recorded to the Ilam Press Records TEAC 4-track reel-to-reel in Christchurch and was released earlier this month as a limited (25 copies – sold out) lathe cut 12” LP “Nihilist Dinner Party” by Ilam Press Records. Ilam Press Records is a subsidiary of the Ilam Press, a print publishing workshop at the Ilam School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, NZ.

Luke Shaw coaxes sound from an electric guitar and effects, while Tuha Tuimaka plays keyboard and synth. The best improvised music is made by people who listen to each other (seems kind of obvious to say that, but sometimes you do wonder…) and share a kind of telepathic understanding of each person’s part in the piece, adapting to each other, and where the sound is taking them.

This is the best kind of improvised music. It’s meditative, interesting, approachable and each of the four improvisations push and pull with tones and textures of sound.