tidalravepromo2Our day 19 song for New Zealand Music Month 2020 is a song from the recent album “Heart Screams” by Wellington six-piece Tidal Rave. Let’s go with the “Speed of Sound” –

Tidal Rave do the dark garage guitar and keyboard thing that New Zealand is world famous for really well. With three guitarists, and also as many alternating vocalists their music is full of melody as well as the busy churn and lyrical themes fuelled by anxiety and resentment.

Anyone into those peculiarly dark and brooding Christchurch bands that were on Flying Nun Records in the 1980s (Pin Group, The Terminals, Max Block, Scorched Earth Policy, and their later post-FNR offspring Dadamah) will recognise the uneasy listening claustrophobia lurking in Tidal Rave’s music.  Which is odd, because the band is from Wellington with at least half its members originally from Dunedin.

NZMM 2020