MinisnapSomehow missed this gem of a single “Bear Hunt” from Minisnap from 2012 with an accompanying video filmed around the ruins of earthquake damaged Christchurch.

Minisnap are an offshoot from The Bats. Basically Minisnap are The Bats (Kaye Woodward & Paul Kean and drummer Malcolm Grant) without Robert Scott, with Woodward taking the lead vocals (and songwriting) as she has done on the occasional song by The Bats over the years.

Fourth Minisnap member is guitarist Marcus Winstanley, however on this single they are joined by John White (of Mëstar, The Blueness, and the first line-up of The Prophet Hens) on layered guitars and backing/ harmony vocal. It all adds up to a perfect kind of fuzz’n’jangle popcraft with a bit of feedback shoegaze style guitar layered beneath it all. Fantastic.

Also fantastic is the full range of releases by Minisnap and The Bats available in digital format via The Bats and Associates bandcamp site which is well worth some detailed archeological excavation if you are either unfamiliar with the bands or wish to add to your collection of sublime jangling NZ guitar pop.